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RPI-CCI VPN instructions (Sonicwall) J.Rogich 6-23-09 edited 3/3/2011 - JBS

If you do not have an account obtain forms below, fill in and send to myself or Dario Gil for signature and sending into RPI. Note that on the User Information Form we are a member. The other form required is the User Responsibility Agreement. Project_Instructions_for_RPI_Personnel

If you need a Calibre license for CCI, contact Paul Cayia or Jerry Rogich and give us your CCI ID.


1. Valid CCI username after forms are submitted.

2. Correct Bluepages entry.

3. Bluepages entry added to the RPI-CCNI Bluegroup.


As of 5/7/2013 there are new addresses for both telnet and the landing pads. The old addresses will be retired on 5/21/2013.

  1. Telnet to and enter in your IBM intranet ID ( and password. It should say you are permitted to Red Zone.
  2. Then SSH to for landing pad 1, through .68 .104 for landing pad 4.

Note: After logged off, telnet again to, enter intranet ID and password to logout completely


1. Only SSH is supported, if that's an issue please contact me. Ie. Do not use ping to test the connection as well, ICMP not supported.

2. ITSC 104 requires that 9.x.x.x access be restricted when the VPN is running, however Lotus notes does seem to work. This is to prevent Trojans etc from crossing over. SSH to 9.x.x.x will work.