List of Available Systems

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Name Type Operating System Nodes CPU/GPU (per node) RAM (per node)
DRP Cluster (drpfen01/drpfen02) x86_64/Intel cluster Scientific Linux 6 64 2x 8 core 2.6 GHz Intel Xeon E5-2650v2 256 GB/node
ERP Cluster (erpfen01) x86_64/AMD EPYC cluster CentOS 7 14 2x 24 core AMD EPYC 7451 128 GB/node
DCS Supercomputer (dcsfen01/dcsfen02) Power 9 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 16 512 GB/node
Blue Gene/Q (amos/q/q2) IBM Blue Gene/Q Proprietary (Linux-like) 5120 16 core 1.6 GHz A2 16 GB/node

Note: Not all systems are available to all projects.