Project Instructions for CCI Affiliates

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User Account Creation

For each new CCI user account that is needed please submit the CCI User Information Form and CCI User Responsibility Agreement to This only needs to be done once for each user.

Once a user account is created the user can be added to multiple projects. The user-name assigned to the user for each project will be different.

Project Creation

For each project you would like created please submit the CCI Project Information Form to A CCI project is just a grouping of user accounts with some common purpose. What constitutes a project is purely up to you. You may want to group several research activities together as one project for convenience of management and data sharing. Specific activities with confidentiality restrictions should be single projects of their own.

Add Users to an Existing Project

The CCI Project Information Form can also be used to add users to an existing project by checking the 'Update to existing Project' box at the top and filling in the 'CCI Project ID', 'Project Participants' and 'Project Sponsor Signature' fields; the remaining fields can remain blank.

Getting Started