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The Simmetrix tools are installed on the Blue Gene/Q, and the DRP systems.

Request access to the Simmetrix tools based by emailing EmailCWS.png with the subject "Access to Simmetrix at CCI" with the following fields completed:

 CCI User Name:
 Academic or Industrial User:
 Department or Company Name:
 Brief description of interest in Simmetrix tools:

On each system the environment variable SIM_INSTALL_DIR will be set to the SimModSuite install directory path by loading the module. Other useful environment variables set by the module can be listed with the following command:

 module show <module name>

DRP cluster

 module load simmetrix/simModSuite

Blue Gene/Q

XL and GCC installs are available. Run the following command to list the available versions:

 module load proprietary/simmetrix/simModSuite


Once the module is loaded HTML formatted documentation can be accessed here: